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Committed to providing efficient fuel solutions

We So Energy…

Leading oil marketing company operating in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Our Retail Outlets

We currently have 11 retail stations in Greater Accra, Central, Western, Eastern and Savannah Regions of Ghana. We have a commitment to expand across the other regions of the country.

Our Business

Fuel sale

We sell quality fuel (AGO, PMS, LPG) at our designated retail stations across the country. Also, our Door-to-door service ensures prompt delivery of these petroleum prodcuts to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Value-added Services

We offer beautiful spaces at our retails station outlets for commercial purposes. At these facilities, you can access ATM machines and an auto care centre where we provide the best vehicle repair and maintenance services.

Asha Engine Oil

Our lubricants have a seal of quality and rank amongst the best in the market at the most competitive prices. The range of lubricants include Asha Crest, Asha Trans, Asha Xtra and Asha HD, all designed to meet your engine needs.

Saharaians speak…

Staff Testimonials

Working at Sahara has been quite exciting and greatly insightful. My enthusiasm for growth has been met with overwhelming support and opportunities to develop in more ways than I could ever imagine. I feel like I’ve found a family here, especially in my current team.

Dami Jibunoh

Sahara, Geneva

Working in Sahara Group has given me an exceptional opportunity to grow, to expand my knowledge, to learn new things and develop my skills! Thank you Sahara Family.

Alina Spada

Sahara, Geneva

The level of opportunities made available for growth knowledge acquisition and expansion is unrivalled. What has stood out for me the most is the Sahara DNA that flows through all saharians regardless of position, country of operation or department. 

Mariah Lucciano-Gabriel

Asharami Energy

Energising Aspirations

Giving wings to aspirations is an expression of our unflinching commitment to good corporate citizenship. We do this with gusto and a great sense of responsibility.

Sustainability Our Watchword

Sahara GreenLife

Through our partnerships with stake holders, volunteers and the general public, we hope to drive home the message of recycling.

#Sahara25 Moments

#Sahara25 Moments

About Sahara Group

Leading international energy & infrastructure conglomerate with operations in over 42 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe & the Middle East.

Head Office

7a Fowler Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel.: +234 1 279 3800-4, +234 1 277 3750